Vertue Method Stretch

Vertue Method Stretch

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The Vertue Method's 12-week flexibility program, informed by Shona Vertue's extensive experience as a gymnast, dancer, personal trainer, and yoga instructor, aims to enhance front splits, side-splits, and neck wrist and ankle flexibility. It comprises three monthly follow-along videos, varying from 15 to 30 minutes depending on their focus, as well as three dynamic videos for daily exercise routines, all designed to pair with the program's high-intensity stretching videos.


A unique aspect of the program is its emphasis on self-assessment, offering eight instructional videos to guide users in measuring their own flexibility and monitoring their progress throughout the course. In addition, the program includes a PDF that delves into the science of flexibility, educating users about the rationale behind the techniques employed in the exercises.


Staying true to Vertue Method's customer-friendly policies, this program requires a one-time purchase, allowing lifetime access without recurring subscription fees. This scientifically-grounded program is a holistic tool designed to improve flexibility and overall physical wellness. 

Please be aware digital products have no refunds

What is included:

  • Three monthly follow-along flexibility videos focusing on front splits, side-splits, and neck-wrist and ankle flexibility, each lasting between 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Three dynamic exercise videos for daily routines.

  • Progressive, high-intensity stretching techniques.

  • Eight instructional videos to teach self-assessment of flexibility progress.

  • An accompanying PDF that breaks down the science behind the flexibility techniques used.

  • Lifetime access to all program materials with a one-time purchase, without any recurring subscription fees.




Sturdy Chair

Yoga Blocks (find these on my website coming soon)

Yoga mat (or Pilates mat if you want extra cushion)

Long Looped, material resistance band (also on my website coming soon)

Equipment List: Optional:

Water Bottle (hydration is KEY for flexibility hydration levels can impact our experience of pain and therefore our stretch tolerance).

Dowel Rod (or even just your broom handle unscrewed)

Sense of humour and light heartedness (because stretching can get very serious but if we don’t chill out and find ways to relax)

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