Vertue Method Fitness 2.0 (Home Edition)

Vertue Method Fitness 2.0 (Home Edition)

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Get fitter, leaner, stronger and more flexible AT HOME with this intense, 12 week strength, fitness and yoga programme. 

This is unlike any other home workout programme and it has been designed by an ex-gymnast and fitness professional who has over 11 years coaching experience as a yoga teacher and PT.

What’s included?

  • New and Improved 12-week home-based, follow-along fitness programme
  • Workout Structure: 30-35 minute workouts with a choice of 3-6 days training per week - 2 x full body strength days, 1 x cardio-focused circuit each workout contains an ab/core or glute isolation finisher.
  • Flexibility & Yoga Structure: 1 x 30-35 minute yoga sequence per month, each with a different focus. Month 1 the focus is the front splits, month 2 is side splits and month 3 will focus on yogic restoration and relaxation techniques.
  • Home equipment needed: Kettle Bells, a long resistance band and a sturdy chair
  • Accessible nutritional information that will help you to achieve the most from your training without the diet culture noise. 

Fall in love with exercise and join a community of over 20,000 women (and men) around the world who have transformed their lives (and their bodies) with the Vertue Method.

I’m serious - this is no exaggeration. This programme is DIFFERENT, EFFECTIVE and above all FUN(ish) 😈


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